Tech Manuals are available for a wide range of coin-op repair/maintenance needs. New reports are listed here when available. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please inquire. Reports are delivered directly to you via email.

Ultimate Monitor Repair Guide: A complete guide to repairing video monitors used in the coin-op game industry. Symptom/Cure format. Includes high-resolution chassis and sub-assembly photos. Most popular US and foreign mfg/models covered.

Pinball Repair (v1 and v2): Fixes, troubleshooting tips, modifications, upgrades and enhancements for pinball machines mfg from the 1980’s thru 1990’s. Two publications.

Videogame Monitor Repair (v1 and v2): Symptoms and solutions, modifications and troubleshooting techniques for videogame monitors manufactured from the 1980’s thru 1990’s. Two publications.

Bill Changers Repair: Most bill changers and acceptors. Fixes, modifications, troubleshooting tips and precautions. Rowe, Mars, Deltronics, Greenwald, Coin Controls, Merit, Ardac and others.

Inside Power Supplies: Includes linear and switch mode type supplies. Troubleshooting, components, transformer and filter arrangements, and high current supplies presented in this comprehensive collection.

Monitor Repair Without Schematics: Repair the majority of monitor failures without schematics. Troubleshooting  tips and more.

Tech Manuals